This high speed, high resolution retransfer technology allows for full color brilliance as well as full-bleed images. Colors are vibrant, images are crisp and quality is second to none. ID cards printed on the J1000i™ Card Printer are of the highest image quality available. The retransfer process uses dye sublimation to print a high-resolution image in reverse directly onto the film base. The printer then thermally transfers the image and film onto the card surface through heat and pressure which thermally bonds it to the card surface creating an image quality that looks more like a sharp glossy photo than an ordinary ID badge.


  • Retransfer printing at 600 dpi

  • Highest image quality available

  • Single and double sided printing

  • Full color brilliance as well as full bleed images

  • Thermally transfers image and film onto card surface

  • Single and double-sided printing.

  • Conveniently fits on the desktop or under the counter.

  • Over-the-edge on CR-80 cards.

  • Mag Encoder, Contact Encoder, Contact-less Encoder option.

  • 2 USB HUBS (inside printer).

  • High durability, low maintenance.

  • User-friendly, LCD Control Panel.


Industry pioneering technology and development.
Durable and reliable design making the Javelin J1000i ideal for Instant Issuance applications.

Established dealer network that covers the globe and supported by our world class support services and training programs.
Innovative software and technologies for security, EMV applications, hardware, software and product training.


Lockable Lid

Removeable Cleaning Roller

250 Card Capacity Hopper

Retransfer Film Cassette

Power Switch

Manual Feed Wheel

Flip Over Handle

Color Ribbon Cassette

Lockable Front Cover

How much does it cost to remove popcorn ceilings from a house?

The cost to paint the exterior of a house depends on various factors:

  • square footage being painted
  • the height of the house
  • paint grade being used
  • is the ceilnig already painted
  • zip code of the house
  • warranty length
In the San Antonio area expect to pay anywhere from $1.10 to $2.00 per square feet being removed. To apply new knockdown texture and paint you can expect to pay $2.00 to $3.15 per square feet. You can check for yourself by going to and eneter your information.

How messy is removing popcorn ceiling texture?

Popconr ceiling removal can get a bit messy. The main reason is that dust can be created when removing the existing popcorn texture. In order to minimize the dust being created it's best to spray mist the ceiling with water. Typical preparation for a popcorn ceiling project includes the following:

  • move furniture out of the room if possible
  • mask off walls and cover furniture
  • cover all floors
  • lots and lots of plastic to cover walls
Once the project is completed plan on conducting a deep cleaning. The project is worth the effort and investment. Your house will look modern which is great when you get ready to sell plus brighter and cleaner.

Is removing popcorn ceiling worth it??

Ask any realtor out there if popcorn ceiling will help you sell your house and the answer will be a big NO. So from a selling perspective it's well worth the investment as it will demonstrate that the house has been modernized and sell for more money. If you recently purchased a home with popcorn ceilings, the time to update is prior to moving in all of the furniture into the house. This way there isn't as much to worry about getting dirty during the project. From an updating persepctive, getting rid of popcorn ceilings will make your house brighter and look cleaner. If you have popcorn ceilings now you can probably see dark cob webs at the seams or corners clinging to the popcorn kernels.

Is primer required when applying a new knockdown texture to ceilings?

Yes! We have found through trial and error that applying primer to the exposed drywall (after the popcorn texture ahs been removed) provides better results. The primer blocks out old dryall seam tape that easily bleeds through the top coat ceiling paint. In addition the primer helps bond the new texture to the drywall so that the texture doesn't flake off at a later time--like when your warranty period expires.

Can I do my own popcorn ceiling removal??

Taking on a popcorn ceiling removal project take a lot of patience and proper tools. There is a certain level of skill required when applying the new texture. If not done properly you can damage your ceiling drywall or leave a surface that will not bind with the nex texture. The worse thing that can happen is that your new texture starts to flake off and falling. This is one of those projects you certainly want to hire someone to do for you.



FINANCE: NBS has served the financial market for over 40 years and has been at the technological forefront for banks and credit unions. Our continual improvements have helped provide solutions for magnetic stripe cards and smart cards (both contact and contactless).

HEALTHCARE: The Healthcare / Insurance industries have transformed drastically over the last 25 years and NBS has been active in adapting our products and services to fit the requirements of this changing industry. 

LOYALTY: Enhanced your customer’s loyalty –  strengthen relationships, conveniently track valuable data and create powerful brands.

EDUCATION: Faculty and students require a card to handle all of their academic activities securely.  NBS has an academic ID solution that makes it simple and affordable to issue the latest ID card technologies.

TRANSIT: The newest transit and parking card technologies are generating a quicker and efficient process for automated fare collection for transit.  NBS offers contactless smart card solutions that speeds up all aspects the transportation system.

GAMING & LEISURE: The Casino / Gaming & Leisure market primarily requires an instant issuance solution for high-quality, highly-reliable cards for players/members/guests that can be provided quickly and easily.  

CORPORATE: Businesses have become more security aware than ever before. With the convenience of on-demand printing of visitor & employee ID cards, you can combine all the necessary functions of an ID card with the added security that the NBS solution provides.

GOVERNMENT: At NBS, we have over 40 years of experience in delivering card personalization systems to governments, meeting the needs of any specific application such as National ID cards and driver licenses. 


INSTANT ISSUANCE: Enhance your customer’s experience – Conveniently and securely issue personalized cards directly to your customers for immediate use. Organizations that want to introduce instant card issuance, would benefit from the complete NBS Technologies hardware and software solutions. By combining our market leading desktop card embossers with Xpressi instant card issuance software, you can provide your customers with the security and the convenience of an instant card issuance solution. The perfect solution for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. The NBS Xpressi Instant Issuance solution is simple, secure and cost-effective.


Our Xpressi card issuance software can be bundled together with selected hardware, to give you a complete solution for selected market/ industry. However, this does not mean you are locked into one package because these bundles are scalable and designed to grow with you. The ability to start small and add more places of issuance when the time is right for you. Our bundled solutions start with as little as one branch/ premises. To find out more information on our bundles, speak to your nearest regional sales manager.