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Multi-Academy School Benefits From New Javelin DNA Upgrade Features

Challenge: To implement an ID card badge printing system for a reputable multi-academy school in the UK. Supplying 15 other schools in the area with ID badges including contactless encoding, full colour personalization and data protection.

Solution: There are over 32,000 schools in the UK and integrated security is paramount for the safety of children and staff. NBS Technologies has developed the Javelin DNA series to come with multiple upgrade features enabling you to tailor the machine to your requirements. In this case, NBS specified a single sided, automatic feed printer with contactless encoding and the new javelin software lock upgrade.

The all-new javelin software lock is designed to add an extra layer of security using a bespoke password giving the school maximum control on how cards are issued. This will reduce the likelihood of staff data being copied or leaked, keeping data safe and in compliance with current European GDPR regulations.

The contactless encoding option will allow all onsite personnel such as teachers and ground staff to gain access areas of the school.

In addition to these upgrade features, NBS will also specify an additional card hopper with a physical security lock, giving the school the ability to print multiple cards quickly and efficiently – saving time during the printing process.

The Javelin DNA series takes ID card printing to new levels. With outstanding quality, the compact printer produces good volumes of high-resolution ID cards. To ensure you get the best print possible, the DNA tailors its print type by using thermal transfer for vivid monochrome printing and dye-sublimation technique for stunning color, offering an all-in-one solution.

Result: The easy-to-use Javelin DNA series proved to be an excellent solution for providing access control cards to all staff including additional 15 schools who are part of the multi-academy network.

The automatic feed, single sided Javelin printer easily coped with the demand of 2000 - 3000 cards per school year and the extra security lock features giving staff piece of mind that their details will not be stolen or misused.


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