The ImageMaster E-40 is a high-speed, single or dual sided smart card printer with features and performance that operates well in the most demanding environments.. The ImageMaster E-40 offers high speed single / dual-sided monochrome printing and is capable of producing cards at speeds of up to 4000 cards per hours (cph) single-sided and 1500 cards per hour dual-sided.  It is the first Desktop Production Printer with a 10 Smart Card Elevator with a 500 card auto-feed input hopper and auto-unload stacker.  


  • Up to 10 Contact stations, up to 5 of which can support Contactless Smart Card Elevator.

  • Options for magnetic encoding Contact, Contactless or both.

  • Programmable card cleaning to help maintain quality.

  • 500 card input hopper & output stacker.

  • Works inline with our NBS-1500 Mailing System.

  • Delivers fast monochrome printing: up to 4000 cph single-sided & 1500 cph dual-sided.

  • Programmable card cleaning to help maintain quality.

  • Can operate as a stand-alone unit with keyboard.

  • Up to 10 Contact stations, up to 5 of which can also support Contactless Smart Card.

  • Supports Ethernet and Serial connectivity.

  • Options for magnetic encoding Contact, Contactless or both.

  • 500 card input hopper & output stacker.

  • LCD screen displays printer status and diagnostics.

  • Easy to change ribbon and thermal print head.

  • Clear card support is standard.

  • Works in line with our NBS-1500 Mailing System.





Industry pioneering technology and development.
Durable and reliable design making the ImageMaster Series ideal for mass card issuance.

Established partner network that covers the globe and supported by our world class support services and training programs.
Provider of innovative software, high security hardware and in-depth product training.


Single/Dual-sided Fast, monochrome printing single-sided and double-sided printing Print method Thermal transfer (mono) Card encoding options Magnetic encoding: 3 track, Dual Coercivity, ISO 7811, Bit to Bit (binary); JISA, JISC and JISA/ISO in single pass Smard Card Elevator Options Configurable up to 10 Contact smart card stations, up to 5 of which can also support contactless personalization (Contact Station: ISO 7816 Part 1-3 T=0, T=1, Class A&B (5V and 3V) compliant, (Contactless: ISO14443 Part 1-4 A/B Mifare Classic/Desire/ICAO T=CL up to 848kbps and Felica Warranty 12 month Printer interfaces Two-line, 40-character LCD Keyboard for manual data entry, RS-232C Serial 9 Pin; Ethernet 10/100bT, TCP/IP printing using LPR/LPD or Raw socket Software drivers Supports online printing from a variety of host computers including PC running Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, and AS-400 Supports both internally generated layouts using ASCII text fields from host computer, or full Microsoft Windows® compatibility with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Supported by NBS SmartSys™ Tabletop batch issuance software, a user-friendly, Windows card design and production application, ideal for batch issuance. Fonts/Images 300 dots per inch (11.8 dots per mm) resolution. Full range of monochrome color ribbons (full and half widths) available. Shipped with Swiss Regular: 6, 8, 10, 14, 18, 24 pt, Swiss Italics: 6, 8, 10, 14 pt, OCRA: 10, 12 pt, Dutch Bold: 6, 8, 10, 18, 24 pt, Any True-Type font can be downloaded from Microsoft Windows to support customized fonts PC Dash Board software for use in downloading additional fonts and images also used for flash loading of firmware for easy updates. It also can be used to back the machine settings. Barcodes EAN 13 & 8, UPC-A, Code 39, Codabar, Code 128, Code I 2 of 5. When utilizing Smartsys you can also produce QR codes & PDF417 Card capacity 500 input hopper and output stacker, 25 - reject tray, Two production counters, one re-settable In-line mailer interface option is available Weight 118lbs (53.5kgs) Power source 110-230 Volts, 50-60 Hz FCC Class B, CE, ETL and ROHS compliant Dimensions 14.5” (368mm) D x 24” (610mm) W x 35.75” (908mm) H Environment Operating temperature: 15°C to 30°C, Relative humidity: 20% to 65% non-condensing, Storage temperature: -5°C to 70°C, Storage humidity: 20% to 70% non-condensing, Ventilation: Free air Monochrome Print speed Single-sided: Up to 4000 cards per hour, Dual-sided: Up to 1500 cards per hour Maintenance Automatic card cleaning mechanism with user configurable cleaning Card Specifications Types PVC & composite PVC - including breakaway and key cards Maximum print area 0.100” +/- 0.010” from side edges of card Card width/length ISO CR-80-ISO 7810: 53.98mm (W) x 85.60mm (L) / 3.375” x 2.125” Card thickness 0.024” (0.61 mm) to 0.030” (0.76mm) , (Optional)Thin card kit for 0.015” (0.38mm) and 0.020” (0.51 mm) cards


• Bottom side ISO (Dualco Mag Stripe Encoding)

• Top side ISO (Dualco Mag Stripe Encoding)

• JIS A Magnetic Stripe Encoding

• JIS C Magnetic Stripe Encoding

• JIS A/ISO Magstripe Encoding

• 1 to 10 Contact Station Smart Card

• 1 to 5 Contactless Station Smart Card

• 1 to 5 Combi Station Smart Card

• 1 to 5 FELICA Contactless Station Smart Card

• NBS 1500 Mailer

IMAGEMASTER E40_1@300x-100.jpg

Print Foil

Print Head

Reject Tray

Input Hopper

Open Top Cover

Cleaning Tape

Output Hopper

LCD Panel

Magnetic Encoder

Switch Panel




FINANCE: NBS has served the financial market for over 40 years and has been at the technological forefront for banks and credit unions. Our continual improvements have helped provide solutions for magnetic stripe cards and smart cards (both contact and contactless).

LOYALTY: Enhanced your customer’s loyalty –  strengthen relationships, conveniently track valuable data and create powerful brands.

HEALTHCARE: The Healthcare / Insurance industries have transformed drastically over the last 25 years and NBS has been active in adapting our products and services to fit the requirements of this changing industry. 

BUREAU'S: NBS has provided a wide range of products that have been used in the Service Bureau/Third Party Administrator industry for many years. With field upgrade kits, the unit you buy today can be modified to meet new requirements tomorrow.

TELECOMMUNICATION: NBS has developed card printers to supply the telecommunication market. This can be in the form of Microprocessor cards, Subscriber ID Modules and in a growing number of handsets for other networks (TDMA, PDA and CDMA). 


CENTRAL ISSUANCE: We understand that in a central card issuance environment, time is money – and you just can’t afford poor hardware performance or difficult to navigate software – this is where NBS can help. NBS has been developing its state-of-art central issuance hardware & software for over 40 years to limit these inefficiencies. NBS Central Issuance software provides a full spectrum of card issuance capabilities with advanced production performance and management information controls. 


Our Xpressi card issuance software can be bundled together with selected hardware, to give you a complete solution for selected market/ industry. However, this does not mean you are locked into one package because these bundles are scalable and designed to grow with you. The ability to start small and add more places of issuance when the time is right for you. Our bundled solutions start with as little as one branch/ premises. To find out more information on our bundles, speak to your nearest regional sales manager.