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The NBS-1500 Card Personalization fulfillment system is designed to work in line with the Horizon family of card personalization equipment or as a standalone. The NBS 1500 can connect directly with the Horizon, Horizon Evolution products as well as NBS Desktop products the ImageMaster D40, and ImageMaster E-40. The NBS-1500 is a fully featured card personalization fulfillment system that is flexible by design. The NBS 1500 can be configured to simply output a card to an affixed carrier or it can be configured to output a card attached to the carrier with up to 14 optional inserts inside an envelope.


The NBS-1500 is capable of delivering up to 1700 cards per hour (cph). 1500 mailer supports in line and off line operation. Easily switched by the operator without tools. Smart Mailer control software is powerful yet simple to use. Leverages Microsoft Word for carrier design.

The robust design of the NBS-1500 Mailer ensures your system will perform at peak levels and with low maintenance costs. An optional addon to the HorizonTM or the Horizon EvolutionTM HD. The NBS-1500 mailer is able to increase your card fulfillment capabilities, quickly and efficiently.

The NBS-1500 provides a variety of different folding technologies (C-fold, Z-Fold and V-fold) and additional inserts in different formats. Support up to 14 optional inserts Can be configured to perform selective insertion utilizing a additional barcode on the carrier



AFFIXER CONFIGURATION • Inline & Offline operation supported (operator changeable)
• Card input magazine for 400 flat ISO cards
• 225 Embossed cards
• Carrier (Paper) Buffer station
• No Paper Buffer yields System throughput up to 800 cph depending on carrier input device
• Three sheet paper buffer yields system throughput of 1700 cph
• Card readback capabilities:
- Magnetic stripe both LoCo, HiCo and JIS
- Contact Smart card
- Contactless Smart Card
- 1D Top Barcode ° 2D Top Barcode
• Carrier barcode verification
• Card Affixing station using a double sided sticky label
• Configurable to support A4 or US letter size 80-120gr.
• SmartMailer software CARRIER FOLDING • Z-fold
• C-fold
• V-fold INSERTING & ENVELOPING OPTIONS INSERTING OPTIONS • Base System includes Carrier Folder and envelope Inserter. Supports up to 7 insertion modules between Carrier Folder and Envelope Inserter
• Durable, easy to setup and operate
• Insert Option:
- Single Inserter
- Tower Inserter
- Feed & Fold Inserter
- Selectable Insert function optional
• Carrier output conveyor

Horizon Mailer@300x.png



Key board & Mouse


Powerful, yet easy to use Windows® 10 application. Designed to accommodate almost any Data file format with operator interface that simplifies use.


FINANCE: NBS has served the financial market for over 40 years and has been at the technological forefront for banks and credit unions. Our continual improvements have helped provide solutions for magnetic stripe cards and smart cards (both contact and contactless).

HEALTHCARE: The Healthcare / Insurance industries have transformed drastically over the last 25 years and NBS has been active in adapting our products and services to fit the requirements of this changing industry. 

TELECOMMUNICATION: NBS has developed card printers to supply the telecommunication market. This can be in the form of Microprocessor cards, Subscriber ID Modules and in a growing number of handsets for other networks (TDMA, PDA and CDMA). 

TRANSIT: The newest transit and parking card technologies are generating a quicker and efficient process for automated fare collection for transit.  NBS offers contactless smart card solutions that speeds up all aspects the transportation system

GOVERNMENT: At NBS, we have over 40 years of experience in delivering card personalization systems to governments, meeting the needs of any specific application such as National ID cards and driver licenses. 

BUREAU'S: NBS has provided a wide range of products that have been used in the Service Bureau/Third Party Administrator industry for many years. With field upgrade kits, the unit you buy today can be modified to meet new requirements tomorrow.


CENTRAL ISSUANCE: We understand that in a central card issuance environment, time is money – and you just can’t afford poor hardware performance or difficult to navigate software – this is where NBS can help. NBS has been developing its state-of-art central issuance hardware & software for over 40 years to limit these inefficiencies. NBS Central Issuance software provides a full spectrum of card issuance capabilities with advanced production performance and management information controls.