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ImageMaster D-40 - High-Volume Desktop Printer


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  • Delivers fast monochrome printing up to 4000 cph single sided and 1500 cph dual sided
  • Programmable card cleaning to help maintain quality
  • Can operate as a stand-alone unit with keyboard
  • 500-card input hopper and output stacker
  • Works in line with the NBS 1500 Mailing System to create a low-cost issuance & fulfillment


The  ImageMaster D-40 is a high-speed, dual-sided plastic card printer with features and performance that operates well in the most demanding environments. The D-40 offers high speed dual-sided printing with parallel card processing capability, in a configuration that is geared for high volume card printing. The ImageMaster D-40 is one of the fastest dual-sided high-quality printer on the market today and is capable of producing cards at speeds of up to 4000 cards per hour (cph) single-side and 1500 cph dual-sided. The ImageMaster D-40 monochrome thermal printer allows you to personalize cards for customers, clients and employees, with unmatched speed and reliability.


The ImageMaster D-40 is designed to produce large volumes of cards cost effectively with unsurpassed reliability. It is ideally suited for any high volume monochrome card printing applications. ImageMaster D-40 works in line with the NBS 1500 Mailing System to create a low-cost issuance and fulfillment.