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NBS Helps Increase Card Printing Process For Insurance Company In USA

NBS Technologies worked with Health Comp an Insurance Company in California USA to increase their Members Card ID Production.

Challenge: Health Comp needed to increase production and speed of ID printing for their 2019-2020 enrolment process. They need to increase capacity by 36% to achieve their year’s target.

ImageMaster D-40 Speed Printer
ImageMaster D-40

Solution: NBS had several meeting with the Production Manager and Purchase Manager of Health Comp to understand the need of each department in relation to the technical specification of the machines and their budget. With 2 units of our ImageMaster D-40 Health Comp were able to increase their production by more than 36%. They now have 4 x NBS D40 machines that keep their operation running smoothly and at the level of speed they required.

NBS Image Master D40 machines are designed for the Insurance market printing needs with the reliability, speed and strength needed to do the job.

NBS Technologies will continue to support Health Comp and many other Insurance companies with their members card printing needs with fast and reliable machines that fit their needs.


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NBS Technologies has developed relationships with its partners for over 40 years tackling the challenges faced in the vast array of markets that NBS serves. 


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