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NBS Technologies Fulfils Instant Card Issuance By Offering The Full Solution

NBS Technologies and its established partnership network have been able to effectively distribute card hardware and software. NBS Technologies is one of the worlds leaders in supplying and developing instant issuance solutions helping banks and financial institutions to distribute secure debit & credit cards.

What is instant card issuance?

Instant Issuance (also known as decentralized issuance) means that the credit or debit card is issued and activated on the spot and then can be used immediately. It is essential for today's market, enabling financial institutions to get new or existing customers up and running with their bank card instantly. There are several ways to deliver this level of customer service including locating a card personalization machine in the branch or a self-service kiosk which reduces branch staffing requirements.

What benefits does it have for banks, financial institutions and their customers?

·       Increase their bank cards in the market.

·       Increase card activation, usage and transaction rates.

·       Increase customer convenience.

·       Remain top of the wallet.

·       Enhance customer experience.

·       Reduce delivery costs and potential for fraud that comes with cards sent by mail.

What benefits does it have for the consumer?

·       Instant purchasing power.

·       Instant replacement of lost or stolen cards.

·       A personalized connection with the branch personnel.

NBS instant issuance solutions allow financial institutions to increase profits, boost customer engagement levels and develop brand identity. You can affordably issue personalized payment cards in branch and gain instant purchasing power.  In a few easy steps, NBS can configure and fully integrate your instant issuance solution to align with the way you want to do business.

Find out more about our product range that will fulfil this solution by downloading our brochure:


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NBS Technologies has developed relationships with its partners for over 40 years tackling the challenges faced in the vast array of markets that NBS serves. 


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