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NBS Technologies Assists Large Bank In Honduras

Collaboration with Partner: NBS Technologies worked in collaboration with Plasco ID to assist a Bank in Honduras – Latin America with a Solution to personalization pre –Embossed cards.

Challenge: The bank in Honduras did not want to substitute a large quantity of cards already produced and wanted to have a solution to personalize these pre-embossed card at a low cost. The personalization of debit and credit cards needed to be issued at branch level .

Javelin M-Boss: Pre-Embossed Print Head
Javelin M-Boss

Solution: Fourteen Javelin M-Boss Card Printers were supplied to fulfil their request in 2020. Both NBS Technologies and Plasco ID are long established companies that work together in several markets such as retail, casinos, Banking and Government ID Solutions. With a strong business relationship that combines presence in South America and excellent knowledge of the industry.

The preferred card personalization solution from the Bank was for both debit and credit cards to be issued at branch level with the Javelin M-Boss printer. This solution enabled the Bank to control the card stock and maintain the required level of security specified by Visa and Mastercard.

NBS Technologies and Plasco ID, were able to provide the solution requested by the Bank in terms of functionality, quality, price, and lead time.

NBS Technologies is proud to work with Plasco ID and we believe future collaboration in the Printing ID industry will be extremely beneficial to our customers.


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NBS Technologies has developed relationships with its partners for over 40 years tackling the challenges faced in the vast array of markets that NBS serves. 


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