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NBS Supplies High Volume Embossers Into Casinos In Macau

Collaboration: Exact Office Automation Limited (EOA) has been a partner with NBS Technologies since January 2004. E.O.A have major customer in Hong Kong in the banking, Telecommunications

HK Government, Finance & Securities Establishments, Insurance Companies, Shipping Companies and other Corporate and Commercial Accounts.

Challenge: E.O.A has been providing NBS card printers and embossers to world famous casinos in Macau. The casinos required high volume and high quality Card printers that could sustain a rigorous environment which runs 24/7 without a high price tag.

ImageMaster series for fast card printing
ImageMaster Series

Solutions: Small desktop printers would not have been able to maintain the continuous throughput required. Thankfully NBS is able to provide high volume monochrome printers that were ideal for this environment. The ImageMaster S18 and D40 were perfect.

The business from this industry has never ceased! This is due to the very reliable and rigid design of the machines, hence the casinos continue to use NBS machines for their loyalty cards program.

As for Hong Kong, we are providing the high speed cards printers and embossers mainly to Insurance Companies and world famous Airline Loyalty Card company which requires high outputs and reliable performance machines for issuing their cards daily.

NBS Technologies has always been very helpful and efficient when coming to supporting us both on their marketing side and their technical side.

“We are very happy that we have a great long relationship”

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NBS Technologies has developed relationships with its partners for over 40 years tackling the challenges faced in the vast array of markets that NBS serves. 


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