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Horizon Evolution Provides Bank With Efficient, High Speed Solution

About: Intelligence System Solutions in Indonesia partnered with NBS Technologies by working on a special project for a major bank in Indonesia.

Challenge: The bank required a high speed machine which could sort and perform quality control on personalized banking cards. The bank needed to perform quality checks on the magnetic stripe data, Smart Chip encoding, and visual inspect the embossing/Indent data. Additionally, the Bank required the cards to be sorted into different output hoppers based predefined specifications. The bank expected the machine to yield over 2000 CPH while fitting well into a back office environment.

High volume issuance printing machine
Horizon Evolution

Solution: Intelligent Systems Solutions worked with the NBS Regional Sales Manager and pulled on their expertise to accurately define all of the Banks requirements. After completing the specifications Intelligent Systems Solutions collaborated with the NBS management team to prepare a suitable solution.

The NBS technical team immediately took action to recommend the Horizon Evolution HD as the most suitable platform. The team then developed special QC and Sorting hardware capabilities. The effort was also tackled by the NBS Software team and they developed Xpressi QC/Sorting software to meet the bank’s requirement. Leveraging the flexibility of the Horizon Evolution and quick response from NBS team, we were able to deliver a solution that met all of the bank’s requirements.

A short time after the initial installation the bank choose to invest in another machine to increase their QC/Sorting capacity. The bank now has two units of Horizon Evolution HD with QC/Sorting functions installed at their card centre, and they are very satisfied with the performance.

Intelligence System Solution has been an NBS partner for nearly 10 years and specialize in financial solutions in Indonesia to promote NBS products including card printers and card personalization equipment.


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NBS Technologies has developed relationships with its partners for over 40 years tackling the challenges faced in the vast array of markets that NBS serves. 


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