The NBS Multiple Hopper Kiosk card printer is designed for applications requiring self-service Kiosk instant issuance applications of personalized PVC cards. With up to 8 hoppers the NBS Kiosk is flexible, designed for easy integration to create a cost-effective and innovative kiosk. NBS Kiosk offers an all in one solution with high-quality full color and monochrome printing single or dual-sided with an included reject function to retrieve defective and uncollected cards. All encoding options are fully supported for the kiosk.  


• Number of hoppers is 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 

• Designed for easy kiosk integration.

• Prints in color or monochrome.

• 1, 2, 4 hoppers available 150, 300 or 500 card hoppers.

• 6 and 8 hopper configuration can only have 150 cards.

• Single or Dual-sided printing.

• Supports multiple encoding options - See Specification list.

• Prints flat cards

• *NEW Pre-embossed print head upgrade now available.

• Easy read LCD screen.

• Robust dust protection outer casing to deal with day to day uses.

  • Single and multi tray hopper options.

  • Three options for hopper capacity - 150, 300 or 500 cards.

  • Supports multiple encoding options.

  • Metal structure.

  • Dust protection cover.

  • High volume card printing and dispensing.

  • Detachable card hoppers. 

  • Low card alert.

  • LCD display for print status.

  • USB interface.

  • Driver, DLL, Data Transmission Protocal.



Industry pioneering technology and development.
Durable and reliable design making the Javelin Kiosk ideal for Instant Issuance applications.

Established dealer network that covers the globe and supported by our world class support services and training programs.
Innovative software and technologies for security, EMV applications, hardware, software and product training.



Single card hopper available with 3 capacities: 150/300/500 cards (0.76mm)

USB & Power connector

Dust protection cover IP Level 5


Reject bin for defective & uncollected cards

Metal base for secure install

Multi card hopper available with 5 varieties: 1/2/4/6 or 8 hoppers


Shutter (Optional)

Cover open for easy and quick ribbon and printhead exchange

Backlit LCD Panel

Flipper for dual sided printing

Card jam removing knob

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FINANCE: NBS has served the financial market for over 40 years and has been at the technological forefront for banks and credit unions. Our continual improvements have helped provide solutions for magnetic stripe cards and smart cards (both contact and contactless).

LOYALTY: Enhanced your customer’s loyalty –  strengthen relationships, conveniently track valuable data and create powerful brands.

EDUCATION: Faculty and students require a card to handle all of their academic activities securely.  NBS has an academic ID solution that makes it simple and affordable to issue the latest ID card technologies.

GAMING & LEISURE: The Casino / Gaming & Leisure market primarily requires an instant issuance solution for high-quality, highly-reliable cards for players/members/guests that can be provided quickly and easily.  


INSTANT ISSUANCE: Enhance your customer’s experience – Conveniently and securely issue personalized cards directly to your customers for immediate use. Organizations that want to introduce instant card issuance, would benefit from the complete NBS Technologies hardware and software solutions. By combining our market leading desktop card embossers with Xpressi instant card issuance software, you can provide your customers with the security and the convenience of an instant card issuance solution. The perfect solution for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. The NBS Xpressi Instant Issuance solution is simple, secure and cost-effective.


Our Xpressi card issuance software can be bundled together with selected hardware, to give you a complete solution for selected market/ industry. However, this does not mean you are locked into one package because these bundles are scalable and designed to grow with you. The ability to start small and add more places of issuance when the time is right for you. Our bundled solutions start with as little as one branch/ premises. To find out more information on our bundles, speak to your nearest regional sales manager.