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NBS embossers continue to be industry leaders in quality, reliability and performance. This range of machines comes with several upgrades and options for our desktop embossers.


The NBS Advantage desktop embosser series is the ideal solution for instant issuance. Utilising high security features such as physical lock entry and software locks to ensure customer data is kept safe. Our embossers also come with card encoding options for Magnetic stripe and programmable smart chips (both contact & contactless). Designed with the financial market in mind the desktop embosser series uses its variable character embossing and ability to print on both sides to give you the ultimate flexibility in card personalization meaning that our Advantage desktop embossers integrate into any bank branch seamlessly.

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Advantage M8 instant issuance embosser makes the ideal all-in-one solution allowing users to encode magnetic strip, program smart chip, print (mono or color), emboss/indent and tip in one pass. The Advantage M8 can reduce customer wait times from weeks to minutes. 

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The Advantage M20 is part of the NBS Advantage embosser family of products. Secure, reliable and affordable, the Advantage M20 has been designed specifically for the instant personalization and issuance of EMV compliant debit and/or credit cards. 


FINANCE: NBS has served the financial market for over 40 years and has been at the technological forefront for banks and credit unions. Our continual improvements have helped provide solutions for magnetic stripe cards and smart cards (both contact and contactless).

HEALTHCARE: The Healthcare / Insurance industries have transformed drastically over the last 25 years and NBS has been active in adapting our products and services to fit the requirements of this changing industry. 

LOYALTY: Enhance your customer’s loyalty –  strengthen relationships, conveniently track valuable data and create powerful brands.


Enhance your customer’s experience – Conveniently and securely issue personalized cards directly to your customers for immediate use. 

Organizations that want to introduce instant card issuance, would benefit from the complete NBS Technologies hardware and software solutions. By combining our market leading desktop card embossers with Xpressi instant card issuance software, you can provide your customers with the security and the convenience of an instant card issuance solution. The perfect solution for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. The NBS Xpressi Instant Issuance solution is simple, secure and cost-effective.

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NBS Xpressi Software is a globally known software to meet your card personalization needs. Xpressi has a wide range of capabilities and has the ideal applications available for both instant and central issuance. Serving multiple market segments, our applications allow you to leverage existing and next generation card personalization technology.

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