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Solutions for a changing world

Matica, a leading provider of digital identity and secure issuance solutions, announces the acquisition of UbiQ software and NBS Technologies from AI Holdings.

Matica is a fast-growing and innovative global company with a strong international network. The company designs, develops and manufactures identity and payment solutions. From high volume centralized issuance to distributed systems linked to registration and lifecycle programs, Matica’s solutions converge the physical and digital worlds.



Xpressi has a wide range of capabilities and has the ideal applications available for both instant and central issuance. Serving multiple market segments, our applications allow you to leverage existing and next-generation card personalization technology.


NBS introduces a new and innovative approach to machine and job control for card production and personalization in the form of the SmartSys™ framework. Our newest machine control software suite built from the ground up and forming the basis of our overall MCS ‘go-forward’ strategy


Any card personalization software can help you create your cards. Javelin® Designer gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for your needs in a simple and fun way. Within a few steps Javelin® Designer makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce cards! 


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Matica converges physical and digital identity with acquisition of UbiQ software and NBS Technologies

Matica, a leading provider of digital identity and secure issuance solutions, announces the acquisition of UbiQ software and NBS Technologies from Ai Holdings.

UbiQ software solutions include both digital identity and fintech products. Its powerful suite of smart card personalization software provides state-of-the-art integration throughout the automated secure issuance process. Next-generation fintech solutions include both an e-wallet and the industry-leading remote/branch secure card issuance software - Xpressi™.........



• Industry pioneering technology and development.
• Durable and reliable design making our products ideal for mass production applications.
• Provider of up market leading software packages.
• Established partner network that covers the globe and supported by our world class services and training programmes.
• Versatile design and formations enabling you to tailor our products to your individual needs.
• Innovative software and technology for secure ID, EMV applications, Instant and central issuance hardware, software and product training.

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Our highly experienced Regional Sales Managers have established and managed our large  Partner networks for more than 40 years. Their technical knowledge and aftercare services help to ensure each Partner has the correct knowledge, training and marketing tools to support their customer base.​

For order inquiries or assistance, please contact your Matica Regional  Sales Manager. For instant assistance, then please call one of our main headquarters.

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