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NBS Xpressi Software is a globally known software to meet your card personalization needs. Xpressi has a wide range of capabilities and has the ideal applications available for both instant and central issuance. Serving multiple market segments, our applications allow you to leverage existing and next generation card personalization technology.

Xpressi Central Issuance includes advanced production performance features and management information controls for high-volume issuance environments. Xpressi PIN creates a convenient and easy way for cardholders to choose and change their online or offline PIN by utilizing a PIN pad device at an in-branch station.
Xpressi Instant Issuance enables the instant issuance of card compliant and usable credit, debit or prepaid cards on-demand at customer locations. Xpressi Certificate Authority is the application for certificate generation and is ideal for closed loop proprietary payment schemes requiring self-signing certificates.
Xpressi Inventory Management provides complete tracking of multiple cardstocks through the entire distribution cycle. Includes robust features with alert notifications and wide variety of audit reports. Xpressi Script Issuance software development kit includes complete details for creation of scripts needed to personalize contact and contactless cards.
Xpressi Transit is the ideal application for both instant and central issuance of MiFare, DESFire and other transit application related cards.