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WPC™ 200 Advance - 200mm Wafer Handling & Packing Equipment


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The semiconductor industry manufactures ICs on silicon wafers that need to be stored at or sent to and from different manufacturing plants – frontend, back-end, or customer plants. The WPC 200 Advanceautomated silicon wafer packing solution in collective canisters was designed to maintain silicon wafer integrity and traceability during the handling and packing process.

The main purpose of the WPC 200 Advance is to safely pack 200 mm silicon wafers into horizontal silicon wafer shippers before they are shipped to assembly sites or at the assembly site itself. The equipment was designed to transfer 200 mm wafers from a wafer process open carrier (OC) to a horizontal wafer carrier (HWS) and vice-versa with minimal damage. In fact, the WPC 200 Advance is one of the safest, most reliable and cost-effective solutions for your automated silicon silicon wafer storage and shipment needs.

  1. manages the logistics process (traceability)
  2. improves silicon wafer yield
  3. reduces silicon wafer packing costs
  4. reduces silicon wafer loss

If your requirement is for 300mm silicon wafer handling, see our WPC 300. Also, see our silicon wafer backside inspection equipment for 200mm silicon wafers.