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SmartSys™ - Machine Control Software


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  • Machine Setup
  • Card Layout Editor
  • Data Encryption Tool
  • Audit Trail & Machine Reports


SmartSys™ is the machine control software that significantly simplifies the process of personalizing single and multiple application smart cards.

SmartSys is available for all the Horizon™range of products as well as in a tabletop version (SmartSys Tabletop) for Advantage™ and ImageMaster™ product lines offering enhanced capabilities and functionality.

Choose the Proven Smart Card Software Solution

SmartSys machine cotnrol software enables the mixing and matching of card personalization equipment, HSMs, chip operating systems and card applications. The benefits of this solution include:

  •     ease of use
  •     easier to train personnel
  •     improved machine control and error recovery
  •     improved diagnostics
  •     improved reporting
  •     data security compliance (new VISA requirements)
  •     improved file handling
  •     production monitoring
  •     tighter integration into our EMV / chip card software products
  •     workflow consistent with product flow processes
  •     improved access security
  •     improve file management and card layout utilities.

To ensure the reliability and quality of NBS high-volume card production, all of our Horizon family of products run SmartSys machine control software.

To learn about migrating your current NBS platform to the new SmartSys machine control software system, contact us today.