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PKGen™ - Card Issuance Software


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NBSPKGen is a utility designed to provide a costeffective way to generate large volumes of public key pairs. The primary purpose of PKGen is to generate and warehouse a number of key pairs before they are needed for other operations. For example, the dynamic data authentication (DDA) configuration for VSDC and M/Chip requires a key pair to be generated for each card issued.

Generating these keys at the time of personalization, or even at the time of data preparation, can adversely affect the efficiency of operations. However, the PKGen allows you to generate keys in advance and securely warehouse them until they are consumed – consumption occurs only when the data preparation personalization file is created. The PKGen utility may co-reside in the same server as DataPrep and run in attended mode during low utilization hours, or may operate independently.

The design of PKGen provides for simultaneous access to multiple (1 to 4) HSM boards physically installed in a single server in order to optimize the rate of key pair generation on that server