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New Ownership of NBS Technologies Inc. by Ai Holdings Corporation

March 23, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News   |   0 Comment »

TORONTO, ON, March 23, 2015 – NBS Technologies Inc. (“NBS”) announces the acquisition of all its outstanding shares by Ai Holdings Corporation of Japan from the present shareholder, Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

Ai Holdings current subsidiary, Dodwell BMS Ltd., provides card system equipment for financial institutions and hospitals.  Dodwell has been a long-standing dealer for NBS. Now, with the recent acquisition, Ai Holdings Corporation has a full end-to-end card issuance and fulfillment solution as well as a strong international business network of approximately 150 Dealers worldwide. 

“NBS is very excited about the acquisition.  We believe that the synergies and experience Ai has in the card business will help NBS to grow,” said Bryan Hills, President & CEO of NBS.

Since 1974, NBS Technologies Inc. has taken on a leadership role in the industry.  It has since expanded operations with locations in Canada, United States, France and the United Kingdom in addition to an expansive Dealer network which services customers worldwide.  For over 40 years, our solutions and products address the requirements of a range of markets worldwide: Financial EMV/Chip Card, TSM, GSM/Telecom, Government/Secure ID, Healthcare/Insurance, and Corporate markets.  We not only provide equipment but customized solutions that address all types of card personalization ...

NBS Technologies and Smart Card IT Solutions Lead in Global Integration

March 06, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News   |   0 Comment »

TORONTO, ON, March 6, 2015 - NBS Technologies, a leading software and equipment provider for financial card personalization, has supplied the Horizon Evolution HD with Integrated Mailing system and EMV Software to Smart Card IT Solutions of Pune, India.

Smart Card IT Solutions Limited (SCIT), founded in 2010, manufactures and markets smart cards to Indian and international customers; and like NBS, deal with businesses in government (e-governance), immigration, telecommunications, transportation, banking, health, insurance, security, entertainment, commercial, and other industries.

The SCIT state of the art facility which has the manufacturing capacity to produce up to 250 million cards per year, has now invested in NBS technology in order to support their new banking card personalization bureau opportunity. “This is going to be a big foot print for the NBS range of banking card personalization machines in the Indian market.” commented Krishna Prakash, NBS Country Head of Sales for India.

SCIT chose NBS since they’re aligned in their vision and requirements for predictable quality and throughput which NBS offers with its highly advanced Horizon Evolution HD. NBS is the source for total card solutions as it provides magstripe, chip encoding, printing, embossing, to inline card insertion and mailer. Highly secured EMV solution software ...


February 04, 2015   |   Posted by :   |   News   |   0 Comment »

TORONTO, ON, February 2, 2015 - NBS Technologies, a leading software and equipment provider for financial card personalization, today announced that its Xpressi™ Mobile Wallet software has been approved by Visa Inc.[1] to meet all of the functional requirements of its Cloud-Based Payments Program and granted participation in the Visa Ready Program for mobile financial card issuance.

“NBS’s XpressiTM Cloud platform and Visa Cloud-Based Payments HCE application provides credit card providers a complete end-to-end solution to the mobile payment market.” commented Robin Ehrlich, Chief Software Architect.  “NFC-enabled phones can now be used with confidence for contactless payments. All cryptography is implemented securely in the cloud.”

The support of Visa Cloud-Based payments includes the XpressiTM Cloud platform which is used to securely personalize an application on the phone as well as a Mobile Wallet application for the phone. The software application includes an NBS Technologies developed Android HCE.  NBS’s Xpressi™ Mobile Wallet may be branded by financial institutions or incorporated into their existing mobile banking application.

“The XpressiTM Cloud platform allows our customers to use the same software platform to securely personalize NFC enabled phones, issue contact and contactless cards instantly at financial institution branches, and to issue physical cards via ...

NBS introduces additional testing options on their DMEX that meet latest MasterCard CQM requirements

November 29, 2014   |   Posted by :   |   News   |   0 Comment »

Rousset, France (November 28, 2014) - NBS Technologies is a leading software and equipment provider for smart card manufacturing, card personalization equipment and mobile applications. NBS is  pleased to announce that they have now offering additional testing options for their DMEX (Milling & Embedding for contact/contactless smart cards) that will meet the standards outlined in MasterCard's CQM (Card Quality Management) Requirements Version 2.03.

The new testing options are now available on any new DMEX machine or as an upgradable option for existing DMEX units in service.  Francois Maurel, VP of NBS Technologies SAS, says "We are pleased to offer these additional testing options on our DMEX that meet the standards set by MasterCard. With these additional options our clients will now have an all-in-one Milling & Embedding solution for contact and contactless cards that will pass MasterCard CQM Requirements."

These new testing options comply with MasterCard's requirements for card resonance frequency, quality factors of the cards and reading distance of cards. "The reading distance option on the NBS DMEX is achieved by leveraging the US-Core V5 and CLT coupler supplied and manufacture by Smartware" says Mr. Maurel.

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