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NBS 1500 Card Personalization System - Mail Fulfillment System


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  • 1700 cph (depending upon configuration)
  • Supports up to 14 optional inserts
  • Supports inline or offline operation
  • Contact/Contactless Smart Card
  • Magnetic stripe reading LoCo, HiCo and JIS
  • Variety of different folding technologies


The NBS-1500 Card PersonalizationĀ fulfillment system is designed to work inline with the Horizon family of card personalization equipment or as a standalone. The NBS 1500 can connect directly with the Horizon , Horizon Evolution products as well as NBS Desktop products the ImageMaster D40 , and ImageMaster E-40. The NBS-1500 is fully featured card personalization fulfillment system that is flexible by design. The NBS 1500 can be configured to simply output a card to affixed carrier or it can be configured to output a card attached to carrier with up to 14 optional inserts inside an envelope.

Additionally the NBS-1500 can affix up to 4 cards per carrier. The number of cards per carrier can be changed on fly based on a field in the data file. The throughput of the system is determined by the configuration and can be upgraded in the field as required up to maximum of 1700 cards per hour.