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Javelin Kiosk - Kiosk Card Printer


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  • Single and multi tray hopper options
  • Hopper configurations of 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8
  • Cards per hopper: 150, 300 or 500
  • Supports multiple encoding options
  • Ethernet as standard


The NBS Multiple Hopper Kiosk card printer is specifically designed for applications requiring self-service instant issuance of personalized plastic cards. Ideal for bank cards, membership cards, loyalty & reward cards, transit cards, student cards and casino & gaming cards.With up to 1-8 hoppers the NBS Kiosk is flexible with easy integration to create a cost effective and innovative kiosk.

NBS Kiosk offers an all in one solution with high quality full color and monochrome printing, single or dual sided with an included reject function to retrieve defective and uncollected cards. The kiosk is also fully supported for any requirement of encoding. The high capacity and flexible multi hopper options minimize maintenance cost and time and maximize the kiosk application.

The metal structure and dust protection cover make this unit not only very robust and durable but also extremely reliable with a low cost of ownership.