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Instant Card Issuance









Enhance your customer’s experience – Conveniently and securely issue personalized cards directly to your customer’s for immediate use.

For organizations looking to introduce instant card issuance, look to the complete NBS Technologies hardware and software solutions. By combining our market leading desktop card printers and/or our desktop card embossers with Xpressi instant card issuance software, you can provide your customers with the security and the convenience of an instant card issuance solution.

Our Instant Issuance software fully supports existing mag stripe applications and provides smart card issuance. Ideal for quickly issuing replacement cards, Xpressi offers a secure and flexible approach to workflow.

For organizations and businesses that require the ability to produce cards on-site, instantly, NBS desktop card printers and desktop card embossers offer a complete range of card printing and card embossing solutions.

Our instant issuance solutions range from instant issue to secure batch production. Our solution is your right choice for everything from traditional mag-stripe cards to compliant smart cards (contact and contactless).

For branded and non-branded cards that require embossing, our Advantage brand of card embossers can surely deliver.

For non-embossing applications, our Javelin™ and ImageMaster™ brand of card printers offer unsurpassed quality and reliability at a cost that is easy on the budget. These card printers have the ability to deliver single-sided or dual-sided cards in a full colour and/or monochrome, low volume, environment with optional encoding

Applications for instant issuance within a variety of markets are almost endless! From debit/credit cards to membership/customer cards, we can design the instant issuance solution that fits your needs.