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Government ID Solutions

Governments are clearly the most sensitive and aware of security and access control issues – National Security has never been more important.

At NBS, we can deliver card personalization and card printing systems to governments that meet the needs of virtually any specific application.

In either an instant, on-the-spot issuance scenario, remote/distributed/branch issuance or via a centralized card production facility, NBS has the solution that fits.


National IDs

Issue National ID cards with the most advanced personalization technologies available.

Driver’s License
Conform to changing government standards while protecting against fraud, forgery and alterations.
Travel IDs
Maximize document security without inconveniencing travelers.
National Healthcare
Securely capture and manage personal data for efficient identification and verification processes.
Government ID Cards for Employees & Military
Increase security and meet FIPS 201 and interoperability standards.


Although governments by far are the most classic market for Secure ID applications, many other private organizations have the requirement to produce secure ID cards for themselves or their customers.

NBS is at the heart of a new evolution in secure card technologies and techniques for both high-volume centralized and instant card issuance. Smart cards offer over 100 times the calculation and storage capacity of other types of cards, allowing them to handle more complicated security applications and security demands such as cryptographic algorithms, particularly in the area of biometrics, which requires a significant amount of memory.

The increased demand for security over the past few years, developing democracies, increased border control, and standardization of existing IDs has created needs in a variety of personalization technologies. Examples of new security technologies and techniques required by today’s governments include laser engraving, optical encoding, micro-printing, dye sublimation printing, retransfer printing, PIN/biometrics chip cards, and a range of secure lamination techniques.

Federal, State and Local Government agencies involved in numerous card issuance projects have turned to NBS for our expertise in secure card technologies and techniques for both high-capacity centralized and on-demand card personalization. We are recognized globally for our expertise in the implementation of card personalization programs such as the Department of Defense’s Common Access Card (CAC) program.

NBS has successfully completed many secure ID card projects globally and can tailor a complete personalization systems for government applications such as Secure ID that include options such as embossing, tipping, milling and embedding, card testing, etc. With our premier line of high-volume card personalization equipment, NBS delivers the quality and reliability that governments depend on.