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NBS allows you to manage your card issuance programs the way you need to – with continued support, security, flexibility and dependability that the NBS solutions provides. NBS is an expert in providing solution for the migration from magnetic stripe cards to smart cards (both contact and contactless) – and has over 40 years experience in the financial card market.

NBS continues to supply the solutions that fit Central Card Issuance or Instant Card Issuance needs.

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More and more applications can be housed on a smart card making it an invaluable tool for financial institutions and their customers alike.Along with our market-leading hardware solutions, we are a full service solutions provider offering complementary, leading edge Xpressi Software. Our complete solution approach gives the financial sector a complete, patented, cross-platform EMV / chip card solution from both a hardware and software perspective.

Our Xpressi software solutions can address the EMV / chip card needs of both central card issuance or instant card issuance (distributed / remote / branch).Mix and match the printer and EMV / chip card software that fits your business. Big or small, we can assist you in making a successful migration to the EMV / chip card standard. Contact us today and let us show you how!

What are you issuing?
Credit and Debit Cards
Issue new and/or replacement credit and debit cards (including EMV cards/smart cards) – rapidly, inexpensively and securely.
Gift and Prepaid Cards
Draw more customers and revenue with original, secure and impressive plastic (PVC) gift cards and prepaid cards.