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Faculty and students require a card to handle all of their academic activities securely.  NBS has an academic ID solution that makes it simple and affordable to issue the latest ID card technologies.

Kindergarten-12 Student Cards
Visibly identify the students that belong in classes, at events and on school grounds.

Suggested Products

Card Printers
Simplified Security

Retransfer Printing
Increased Security Features

College and University Campus Cards
Issue flexible campus ID cards that enable access control, cashless payment, and more.
Suggested Products

Retrasfer Printing
Increased Security Features

Self-Service/Kiosk Printing
Secure and Remote Issuance

High-Volume Card Issuance
Secure & Centralized Card Issuance

Staff and Faculty Cards
Stunning staff and faculty cards add to security and control access to laboratories and resources.

Visitor Badges
Effortlessly identify parents, guest faculty and other guests with distinguishing guest badges.