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Xpressi Central Issuance is the scalable smart card personalization solution to simplify and streamline your centralized card issuance. NBS Technologies offers both state-of-the-art hardware and software for all your centralized card personalization needs.

We understand that in a central card issuance environment, time is money – and you just can’t afford poor hardware performance or difficult to maneuver software – this is where NBS can help. NBS has been developing its state-of-the art central issuance hardware & software for over 40 years to limit these inefficiencies.

At NBS we continue refine but not reinvent the equipment and software that has been proven to meet the demands of the industry.

NBS Central Issuance Software solution provides a scalable and cost-effective personalization preparation process for both low volume and high volume card issuers. It supports a wide range of card personalization processes including industry standard P3. It also allows you to utilize multiple brands of card personalization equipment, high performance HSMs, chip operating systems and card applications.

Through its set of core modules, NBS Central Issuance software provides a full spectrum of card issuance capabilities with advanced production performance and management information controls. No matter what your volume requirements, NBS Central Issuance software enables you to enhance the customer experience, increase security and mitigate risk and increase your revenue opportunities.