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The ImageMaster brand of card printers has been the benchmark in the casino/gaming industry for the reliable, quick issuance of player cards over 10 years. The newest model the ImageMaster S-18 and its dual-sided version, the ImageMaster D-40 are two of the fastest monochrome printers on the market and they possess many state-of-the-art features. With network capability and the NBS Dashboard feature for a PC, you can now interface to a variety of units which allows firmware updates, layout transfers, or font interchanges on multiple units with one simple operation. Powerful, fast, and network friendly are all great reasons to make the new ImageMaster S-18 or ImageMaster D-40 your player/member/guest card issuance printer of choice.
For those customers interested in remote/branch/distributed instant issuance, NBS has the answer with Xpressi™ software – a user-friendly software application developed by our own in-house software developers. Couple Xpressi software with your NBS printer (or any other major card printer brand) and your business can instantly deliver personalized cards to your customers while maintaining centralized control.