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Laser Engraved Cards

NBS Technologies, bringing laser engraved cards to a whole new level. To learn more, click here

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Xpressi Software Solutions

Our solutions allow you to leverage existing and next generation card technology.

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NBS Laser Engravers

Learn more about NBS Technologies Laser Engravers here

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Instant and Centralized Solutions

NBS Technologies has the solution for instant or centralized issuance of plastic cards

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The NBS Multi-Hopper Kiosk

The ideal solution for self-service instant issuance of personalized plastic cards

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Instant Solutions

Instantly issue state of the art, high quality payment and secure ID cards that are globally proven to provide longevity and customer satisfaction.

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What our client says

Raymond Hui
Regional Sales Manager, Asia Pacific

+ 61 409 492 889      


Regional Sales Manager, Asia Pacific